Welcome to the new AusGeoRef database interface.


In 2003, the American Geosciences Institute and Geoscience Australia began a cooperative arrangement to improve the coverage of Australian publications in GeoRef.

This database is available by subscription to individuals (consultants), companies and organizations.

The AusGeoRef database includes more than 200,000 bibliographic references on Australia - with more than 74,000 references incorporated from AESIS. The references are drawn from the journal literature, meeting proceedings and abstracts, books, reports and maps. The database is updated on a weekly basis.

References contain complete bibliographic information and URLs for documents published on the web. Thorough indexing, based on the controlled vocabulary found in the GeoRef Thesaurus, is included. Specific geographic locations are listed as place names, and, for principal locations, latitude and longitude are provided.

In 2008, AGI and Geoscience Australia collaborated to expand the coverage of AusGeoRef to include references drawn from the AESIS database, Australia's Geoscience, Minerals and Petroleum Database. The AESIS database was a complete index to all available Australian information written by an Australian or about Australia or Papua New Guinea covering the period from 1851 through 2001.